Teaching + Workshop

About the singing lessons

There are all kinds of personal and professional reasons for taking singing lessons: you want to sing your favourite songs comfortably and well, you would like to increase your confidence, you want to know what your voice is really capable of, you want to solve specific vocal problems, you want to learn about harmony singing or you want to perform your own songs better. Whatever your goals might be, I’d love to help you reach them.

During the lessons I will zoom in on the performance and on technical aspects by working on songs you selected yourself. In my singing school we have accumulated a large body of songs, ranging from pop and rock to country and r&b, so I can help you find suitable material. We may also work on your own compositions or on your band’s repertoire. I have the recording equipment to capture students singing with piano accompaniment or instrumental backing tracks. In my experience, recording yourself is an excellent way to determine your level of performance and assess your progress. And you could even do your own backing vocals!

CT Zangzaak Concert

Every year I stage a festive showcase for my students at the Prinsentheater in Groningen: backed by a professional six-piece band the students put on a dazzling show singing their favourite songs. The show is traditionally hosted by inimitable ringmistress Truus Klep.

Youtube video: CT Zangzaak Concert June 2012


I organize music and singing workshops in any size or format at corporate and private functions, at parties and other social gatherings. The workshops boost the cooperative spirit of any group of people in a creative, enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. Working together and communicating in this way has proven to be an excellent tool for team building – friends and co-workers will bond in an informal, active and musical way. A cheerful workshop is also a great way to add lustre to any party.

A few examples of workshops I teach for companies, schools and private parties: it could be a capella singing, gospel singing, writing a club anthem or a song for a specific occasion, an active and relaxing session of rhythm and singing to conclude a long day of (business) meetings or a cheerful collective singing lesson with a mutually agreed repertoire.

Workshop Youtube clip:


I also work and teach workshops for liedjesmaker.nl and help people write their own songs. I supply tips and tools to help them write lyrics – both in English and in Dutch – and/or create their own music. Writing new lyrics to an existing song is also an option.


Every six months Patries van Iterson and I organize a swinging & soulful pop choir weekend, a.k.a. the “Flying Choir Weekend”. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, experienced or inexperienced: anybody with a passion for singing is invited. The repertoire consists of swinging songs and ballads, either backed by a tight band or sung a capella.